InnovationSpace is a collaborative collection of students from various majors consisting of Business, Engineering, Sustainability, Industrial Design, and Visual Communication Design, coming together to create the latest innovative products and ideas in cooperation with Women in Philanthropy's project, Beyond Access, to help improve the lives of those who are visually disabled. Through extensive research and interviews with those effected by visual disabilities, our team of students devised the above products. Kart is a new take on the standard shopping cart featuring a reversible handle. Through our interviews, we found many people who are visually impaired prefer to pull their shopping cart as it gives them a superior sense of control over their surroundings. This feature allows the cart to be pushed and pulled, depending on the users preference, and allows stores to cater to the entire population. Built into the handle is an integrated scanning system with an audio system informing users of the price of the latest item to be scanned and their total purchases. This not only allows faster checkouts for the stores, but also helps prevent theft from the stores as well as a measure against the visually impaired being taken advantage of. Our second product, Eis, is a fridge/freezer combo based off of vending machine technology that automatically scans, stores, and inventories the user's items. Items are then accessed by either a visual display or a voice recognition system that dispenses the desired item. The product is bundled with a smartphone app that tracks frequently bought items, what is currently stored, and information regarding item's expiration dates, time when last dispensed, etc. Our final product, Cue, is a set of glasses with an integrated camera, audio, and a haptic feedback system. The glasses are paired with optical character recognition software that will allow the glasses to read the words printed on any item back to the user, helping the visually impaired make distinctions between items that are similarly packaged, street signs, etc. Branding nominated for Design Excellence, Fall 2015, Herberger School of Design, Arizona State University.