With the name Cue is was to obvious not to try and make an eye out of the top the E. We are talking about eyeglasses. The logo makes people who have the ability to see smile and for people who are unable to see the shapes of the logo make for something interesting to feel, with the eyelashes and shape of the eye. The typography for the brand is a taken from the shape of the glasses themselves, with the clean smooth lines. Companies specializing in products for the visually impaired all seemed to use highly saturated colors. This led to the design of a sophisticated, muted color palette. Interviews with people who wear glasses identified a need for the glasses to blend in with their everyday lives. The branding colors were designed in collaboration with our industrial designer to be complementary to the design aesthetics of the product. For our exhibit I wanted to bring people into the world of someone who is visually impaired, and give them something to think about. Probably something they have never thought about, I know I never had. In order to remind people about the non-visual ways by which to gather information, that is why I chose to remove all the labels and have people try and figure out what each product is. To fully immerse someone who is visual into a world without the use of visual information.